House of Kestha

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The House of Kestha is one of the five Houses guilding wizards in Kush, on Dominaria.

Its color is Grey: presumably its fighters prefer {W}{B} based spells (but use other colors, too). Before the Time of Troubles, the front of the building of Kestha was decorated with six massive squat statues representing fighters, with their hands raised upward as if about to cast spells across the pavilion against the buildings of the other Houses.[1]

Master of House Kestha[edit | edit source]

Other Fighters of House Kestha[edit | edit source]

  • Azema: a fighter who was paired against Jolina of Ingkara in a death match.
  • Lorrin: she fighted against Naru during the Festival. The giant easily defeated her.
  • Omar: a favorite who fell early, during the second day of the Festival.
  • Webin: he lost against Okmark of Fentesk in a street duel. He was punished by Tulan who severed his left hand.

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