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Horror is a catch-all creature type used for horrible, black-aligned fiends and beings that defy normal descriptions. Horrors originate from different sources like nightmares, scientific experimentations and hellish planes.[1] The first creature to bear the type was Cosmic Horror in Legends. Many cards received the Horror-type retroactively in the Grand Creature Type Update. Notable creatures from early sets, like Abomination and Hell's Caretaker retroactively became Horrors.

Horrors don't have a prevalent ability, most of their abilities do some sort of harm to the controller of the Horror. Many of them also have some kind of evasion.

Between 1995 and the fall of 2002, Horrors replaced Demons as the black iconic creature.[2]

Dominarian horrors[edit | edit source]

A cosmic horror. Art by Jesper Myrfors.

Phyrexian horrors[edit | edit source]

Rathi horrors[edit | edit source]

  • When the Dauthi were trapped within the "Shadows," the extraplanar space between Rath and Dominaria, they were left in an incorporeal state. They were unable to communicate with people on either plane, yet able to see into both the Dominarian reality and that of Rath. This predicament led the Dauthi to lose their sanity, and some of them manifested as horrors (Dauthi Horror).

Mercadian horrors[edit | edit source]

Ravnican horrors[edit | edit source]

Shadowmoor horrors[edit | edit source]

Grixis horrors[edit | edit source]

Zendikar horrors[edit | edit source]

Innistrad horrors[edit | edit source]

Horror tokens[edit | edit source]

Token Color Type P/T Additional Rules Source Printings
Horror Black Creature — Horror 4/4
Black Creature — Horror X/X
Blue/Black Creature — Horror 1/1 Flying
Colorless Artifact Creature — Horror X/X
Eldrazi Horror Colorless Creature — Eldrazi Horror 3/2
Zombie Horror Black Creature — Zombie Horror X/X

Horror manlands and artifacts[edit | edit source]

Horrors are also created by:

Creature Type Update[edit | edit source]

In (and before) the Grand Creature Type Update the following creature types were changed into Horror

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