Historic (format)

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For the game term, see Historic.
DCI Sanctioned
Paper {Cross}
Magic Online {Cross}
Magic Arena {Tick}
Type Constructed
Multiplayer {Cross}
Add. rules Best-of-one and Best-of-three

Historic is a constructed non-rotating format for Magic: The Gathering Arena that was officially announced by Wizards of the Coast on June 27, 2019.[1][2] It is planned for introduction in November, 2019, as a format that will allow Arena players to make use of cards that are no longer legal in Standard after rotation.[3] The format will be exclusive to Arena, and is intended "to be a fun and casual way [that players] can continue to play with all the cards in [their] collection".[1]

Before they settled on Historic the name used for the rumored format was "Standard Plus".[4] The format will include a Historic Play queue (both best-of-one and best-of-three), Direct Challenge, practice matches with Sparky, as well as some rotating events that are not beholden to Standard (such as Pauper, Singleton, etc.).[1]

The introduction of Historic coincides with the first rotation for MTG Arena, and the release of the fall set of that year, Throne of Eldraine.[1] Along with the Historic format, Wizards will be adding “new” old cards to MTG Arena “from across Magic’s history” for use in the format. 15-20 new cards will be added in November for the beginning of the new format, with the goal of adding more cards every quarter.[5] Both the “new” cards and the cards rotating out of Standard (thus becoming Historic cards themselves) were announced to require two Wildcards each to craft—rather than the usual one.[6][7]

After feedback from the player's base, the decision to change Wildcard redemption rates for rotated cards was revoked. It was decided that redemption for all rotated cards would remain 1:1.[8]