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Help:Card tags

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Card tags are used to denote specific Magic card names that can be linked to the Scryfall card viewer. This will open a new window to display the card, along with Oracle text and tournament restrictions.

Instructions[edit source]

Simple use[edit source]

Enclose the name of the card with "<c></c>":

  1. <c>Black Lotus</c>

Card template[edit source]

The {{card}} template should be used if a specific card version is needed or something other then the card title should be displayed.

  1. {{card|Jace Beleren}}
  2. {{card|Jace Beleren|Lorwyn}}
  3. {{card|Jace Beleren|Promo|PDD2}}
  4. {{card|Jace Beleren||PBOK}}
  5. {{card|Golgari Guildgate|Guilds of Ravnica|#=248}}
    {{card|Golgari Guildgate|Guilds of Ravnica|#=249}}
  6. {{card|Black Lotus|title=a lotus which is black}}