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Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era
Race Human

Hekara was a cheerful Rakdos emissary and razorwitch on Ravnica.[1] She was later transformed into a blood witch.

Description[edit | edit source]

Hekara is known to be exceedingly quirky and chipper, with a short attention span.[2] She is a pretty young woman, dressed in a parti-colored outfit made of a variety of dyed leather patches sewn together into a tight bodysuit.[3] A dozen tiny silver bells hang from the tips of her hair, which is short and shaped into narrow spikes with what looked like paste. Her boots are enormous black things that look like they have been partially burned. She speaks Rakdos street slang, a patois and accents cribbed from a half-dozen cultures. Like all razorwitches, Hekara is able to conjure double-ended, diamond-shaped knives out of thin air. Her hands are thickly cross-hatched with tiny cuts from these knives.[2]

After her resurrection as a blood witch, Hekara has more authority and power, but still retains her razor witch craft. Her character seems to be unchanged, but Sarkhan Vol notices that she seemed to be afraid of something just out of view for others.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

Hekara was the best friend of, and a role model for, Araithia Shokta.[5] She was one of the few individuals who was capable of seeing and remembering Rat, but after she revived from the dead, she was no longer capable of it.

Hekara was sent as an observer by Rakdos to Ral Zarek who was rallying forces against Nicol Bolas. She was also to be the Rakdos emissary at the guild summit.[3] She worked with Ral, Vraska (whom she fancied[6]), Kaya, and Lavinia against Bolas.[2] After a betrayal by Vraska, she was killed by a Bolas-posessed Lavinia.[7]

In the War of the Spark, Rakdos initially was not cooperating at all with the anti-Bolas efforts because Hekara was killed.[4] Kaya's group was going around to every non-cooperating guild to convince them to help out in Niv-Mizzet's plan of becoming the new Living Guildpact.[8] Rakdos still refused to cooperate with the plan, but Hekara's corpse was brought back by Tomik and she was revived as a bloodwitch. Hekara said that she would help Kaya's group. Exava tried to object but lost to Hekara in a fight. Rakdos didn't say anything but did not actively prevent Hekara from leaving, which was interpreted as gaining support of the cult (or at least, not denied support). She was the Rakdos representative for Niv-Mizzet's resurrection and his becoming the Living Guildpact.[8]

In the last all-out attack on Bolas's troops Hekara was unknowingly protected by Rat. When Rakdos helped Gideon Jura in his attack on the Elder Dragon, Hekara was relieved to see her statement confirmed that the demon agreed with their plans.[9]

References[edit | edit source]

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