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Birthplace Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime ~2954 AR
Race Human
'Keeping the Cold (Coldsnap fat pack)

Heidar was a Dominarian cryomaster who lived at the time of the Thaw. With his Rimewind magic he tried to undo the World Spell and plunge Dominaria into a new Ice Age.[1]


Alliance with Stromgald[edit]

Struck by fear of the Thaw, Heidar sent investigators out to scour the continent for anything that could help them fight back with force. His scouts discovered the Phyrexians buried in the ice of Ronom Glacier. Thanks to a temporary alliance with Haakon, Heidar's scholars found the incantations needed to awaken the Phyrexians in the knowledge vaults of Lim-Dûl at Tresserhorn.[2]

Alliance with Krov[edit]

It took Heidar yet another dark alliance to get the elementalism expertise for the job. He allied with Garza Zol, the powerful vampire queen of the plague-wracked city of Krov, to gain access to her Krovikan elementalists. In return Heidar helped Garza Zol crush the alliance between the Balduvians, the Kjeldorans and the Yavimayans in the southeast of Terisiare.

Revival of the Phyrexians[edit]

The Cult of Rimewind succeeded in their plans and reanimated many Phyrexian war-beasts with magic-infused ice crystals.[3] When a Balduvian force under Lovisa Coldeyes stormed Rimewind, Heidar activated the Phyrexians, turning the battle into a massacre. The beasts went on a rampage across the frozen north, slaughtering everything in their path. Kjeldor retaliated, but the knights of Stromgald kept them in check.

The end of Heidar[edit]

Driven mad under the influence of Phyrexian magic, Heidar began attacking his enemies and allies indiscriminately. Garza Zol, now aware of the danger posed by Heidar and his machines, ordered assassins planted in Rimewind to kill the mad wizard. Without Heidar's guidance, the Phyrexians ran amok and were easily destroyed by shamans from Yavimaya who arrived at Kjeldor's bidding. The forces of Kjeldor and Yavimaya proceeded to rout the leaderless Rimewind cultists and a Yavimayan ritual permanently ended Rimewind's unnatural winter and restored the Thaw to its proper course.

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