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HarperPrism is a publishing imprint of Harper Collins. The company published twelve books related to Magic: The Gathering.

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Title Setting Released Author(s) Publisher ISBN #
Arena   Nov 1994 William R. Forstchen HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105424-0
Whispering Woods   Nov 1994 Clayton Emery HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105418-6
Final Sacrifice   Mar 1995 Clayton Emery HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105420-8
Shattered Chains   Mar 1995 Clayton Emery HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105419-4
Tapestries   Jul 1995 anthology HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105308-2
The Cursed Land   Sep 1995 Teri McLaren, Teri Williams HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105016-4
The Prodigal Sorcerer   Nov 1995 Mark Sumner HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105476-3
Ashes of the Sun   Mar 1996 Hanovi Braddock HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105649-9
Distant Planes   Jun 1996 anthology HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105313-9
Song of Time   Jun 1996 Teri McLaren HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105622-7
And Peace Shall Sleep Fallen Empires Jul 1996 Sonia Orin Lyris HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105619-7
Dark Legacy   Dec 1996 Robert E. Vardeman HarperPrism ISBN 0-06-105697-9

Promotional cards[edit | edit source]

In 1994, HarperPrism released five books with an enclosed mail-in coupon redeemable for special promotional cards related to the stories. Each of these had an expansion symbol shaped like a caligraphy pen ().

Book Title Promo Card(s)
Arena Arena or Sewers of Estark
Whispering Woods Windseeker Centaur
Shattered Chains Giant Badger
Final Sacrifice Mana Crypt
The Cursed Land one random from above

In an April Fool's joke, MagicTheGathering.com author Mark Gottlieb wrote Peeking in the Black Box, where he describes a fictional sixth HarperPrism card, 'Curse of Nazir'.

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