Hand of Righteous Retribution

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Hand of Righteous Retribution
Origin Dominaria
User Allav Hask
Status Unknown

The Hand of Righteous Retribution, also known as The Twice-Drawn Sword is a powerful magical sword on Dominaria.[1] About a foot wide and inscribed with powerful runes, the sword is not meant to be used for it's blade, but to channel powerful magical energy.

History[edit | edit source]

The sword belonged to Captain Hask, who used it to injure, but not kill, the dragon that claimed to be Zumaki of the Bottomless Pool. It was then taken by Tania Cayce, who used it to apparently kill the beast and the skeletal remains of the real Zumaki. Supposedly this would be enough to permanently kill the dragon, but after Tania and Hask had left, and the Hand of Righteous Retribution lost amidst the rubble of the dragon's lair, the creature regenerated still.

According to myths, the Hand was blessed by both the High Primate of Angelfire and the Serran Mother Superior. This is a bold claim, as the Church of Angelfire has long opposed the Serrans. The myth also claims that the sword can only be drawn twice. Once in anger and once in wisdom. According to the myth: "outrage is the true spark that becomes the fire of retribution, but wisdom is the only path to true justice".

According to the Pixie Vaan though, anyone can use the sword, as long as they allow its enchanted energy to build up between uses. He claims the myth is but an ancient ruse by priests and generals to prevent the wielder of the Hand to run rampant.

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