Gwendlyn Di Corci

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Gwendlyn Di Corci
Birthplace Dominiaria, island of Urborg
Lifetime pre-0 AR
Race Human

Gwendlyn Di Corci was an ancient figure known as one of the greatest temptresses of Dominarian lore. Di Corci lured hundreds, perhaps thousands, of warriors to the then-lush island of Urborg. Di Corci then apparently killed her would-be lovers. It is unknown exactly when Di Corci's temptations occurred, but they are believed to have taken place sometime before the Brothers' War.

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Background[edit | edit source]

Julie Baroh's model for this card was Mr. Wendy of Seattle punk band Sick & Wrong.[1] The cat to the right was Georgie Tirebiter, the feline inspiration for their song of the same name. The band were regulars at The Storeroom and Lake Union Pub, and reportedly Kurt Cobain's favorite local band to see. Mr Wendy an Julie Baroh knew each other from way back in high school and both attended Cornish College. Later on, they were in a punk band called Rot13 that played in Seattle 2001–2006.

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