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1e Terisiare.jpg
Plane Dominaria
Part of Terisian Isles
Status Current
Formerly part of Terisiare

Gulmany, is the northernmost island of the Terisian Isles on Dominaria.[1][2][3] It is surrounded by the Endless Sea,[1] the Sea of Laments,[1] the Sea of Almaaz and the Ilesemare Sea.[4]

The island was formed after the Ice Age from the part of Terisiare that contained the Colekgan Mountains. These are now called the Ohran Mountains or the Ohran Ridge.[1]

Known locations[edit]

  • The Ohran Mountains
  • Efuan Pincar[1]
  • Russeore[1]
  • Evean[1]
  • Narjabul[1]
  • Trilinga: an ancient place, famous among Argivian archeologists for the gold-embossed, hand-painted funerary portraits in its vaults[5]
  • Baszerat[1]
  • Morvern[1]
  • Karjzia: an ancient place, famous among Argivian archeologists for its gemstone mosaics[6]
  • Kovria[1]
  • Ruins of Binyen [8]

In-game references[edit]

Associated cards:

Notes and references[edit]

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