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The Guildpact is an ancient and epic piece of magic that reverberates across the plane of Ravnica. Originally conceived of by the lawmage Azor I, it serves as a basis for all Ravnican law, setting statutes and ordinances for each guild so that each of the ten guilds has its own place. Its magic is enforced especially in the most significant representatives of the guilds, such as the League of Wojek. For instance, when a Wojek officer wishes to imprison someone who has directly violated a Guildpact law, it is possible to restrain them utterly. Not even paruns are capable of breaking such a seal.

The Guildpact itself is focused upon an ancient, primeval living document signed with blood and magic by each of the paruns to represent their willingness to work together to hold the city together. Of course, not surprisingly, the leaders since then — including the still-living paruns — have worked hard to find loopholes in which to set forward their own plans. As a side effect the Guildpact prohibited planeswalkers from visiting the plane of Ravnica.

The Guildpact's spell is finally broken when Agrus Kos publically arrests Szadek, exposing him and House Dimir to the public, this generated a loophole because the Guildpact established the secrecy of House Dimir.

Later, a new non-magical Guildpact was drafted by Teysa Karlov.

The Guildpact's magic was later reestablished after the events of Dragon's Maze but this time in the form of a living being: Jace Beleren.

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