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The Guilds of Ravnica block is the unofficial name for three large expansions set on Ravnica that are to be released in 2018-2019.[1][2]

Description[edit | edit source]

It is not a block in the traditional sense, because there is no mechanical overlap and the sets are drafted on their own. Blocks were abandoned in 2018 with the introduction of the Three-and-One Model, but that didn't mean that consecutive expansions couldn't be set on the same plane.[3]

The series consists of Guilds of Ravnica (), Ravnica Allegiance () and the as yet unnamed set codenamed "Milk". The first two each are focused on five of the ten Ravnican guilds. They are what you would expect a return to Ravnica to be and it needed to be two to fit in all the guilds.[4][5] The third set will focus on the culmination of the Bolas Arc, the storyline around the fight of the Gatewatch against Nicol Bolas, and not on the guilds. The latter is its own unique thing.[4][6]

The following guilds are represented in each of the first two sets:

Storyline[edit | edit source]

The guilds fight internally between the forces pulling them toward or away from Bolas's influence. In the end, five fall under his influence, and five don't. The five guilds that fall to Bolas all have a planeswalker leading the guild.[7] Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance are mostly concurrent with Ixalan and Dominaria so the Gatewatch is busy elsewhere storywise.[8]

Guild Kits[edit | edit source]

The first two sets (Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance) are accompanied by Guild Kits.[9] Each Guild Kit features a 60-card preconstructed theme deck flavored after one of the featured guilds, combining cards from every Ravnica set released so far. The reprints aren't Standard legal.[10] The Kits are packaged with appropriate pins, stickers, and spindown life counters.

Mega cycles[edit | edit source]

Cycle name Azorius
Guild leaders Lazav, the Multifarious Trostani Discordant Ral, Izzet Viceroy Vraska, Golgari Queen Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice
  • Each of these mythic rare legendary creatures or planeswalkers represents the current leader of its respective guild. Guilds allied with Nicol Bolas have planeswalkers; against, creatures.
Guild champions Etrata, the Silencer Emmara, Soul of the Accord Niv-Mizzet, Parun Izoni, Thousand-Eyed Tajic, Legion's Edge
  • Each of these rare legendary creatures represents a second-in-command or otherwise-important figure in the guild.
Guildmages House Guildmage Conclave Guildmage League Guildmage Swarm Guildmage Legion Guildmage
  • Five uncommon multicolor creatures, each of whom have two abilities one for each color.
Shock lands Hallowed Fountain Watery Grave Blood Crypt Stomping Ground Temple Garden Godless Shrine Steam Vents Overgrown Tomb Sacred Foundry Breeding Pool
  • Each of these rare nonbasic dual lands has two basic land types and enters the battlefield tapped unless its controller pays 2 life.
Guildgates Azorius Guildgate Dimir Guildgate Rakdos Guildgate Gruul Guildgate Selesnya Guildgate Orzhov Guildgate Izzet Guildgate Golgari Guildgate Boros Guildgate Simic Guildgate
  • Each of these common nonbasic lands with the Gate subtype enter the battlefield tapped and produce one of either of its respective guild's colors.
Lockets Dimir Locket Selesnya Locket Izzet Locket Golgari Locket Boros Locket
  • Each of these common artifacts cost {3}, and tap to produce either of its respective guild's colors. For 4 hybrid mana, they can be sacrificed to draw two cards.

References[edit | edit source]