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Growing enchantments are enchantments that start out without the ability to do anything but "grow". A "growing" enchantment accumulates counters each turn, building up to grant the player a boon proportional to the number of counters.

Although other spells with a similar mechanic have appeared before or since, growing enchantments were a widespread theme in the Urza block.

Rulings[edit | edit source]

  • In a sense, these enchantments behave like delayed-effect sorceries. You cast one, then you wait. The more turns you wait before sacrificing it to get its effect, the bigger that effect will be.
  • Putting a counter on the enchantment when its upkeep trigger resolves is always optional.
  • The sacrifice ability's effect checks the enchantment's last existence on the battlefield to see how many counters were on it.
  • There are also two artifacts in the set that behave this way: Barrin's Codex, which accumulates page counters, and Lotus Blossom, which accumulates petal counters. Powder Keg was released in the next set with a destructive effect.
  • Thirteen years later, Golden Urn and the Shrine cycle from New Phyrexia follow the same theme, though the Shrines have the bonus ability to gain counters when a spell of an appropriate color is cast.

From Urza's Saga[edit | edit source]

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