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Greater Videnth is an island on Dominaria to the northeast of Terisiare, lying more than 1200 berim north of the island of New Argive. Further east lie the Spice Isles of the Domains.[1]

Just east of the main island lies Little Videnth Island. The surrounding Sea is called the Videnthian Sea.[2]

The long dead human civilization of Videnth colonized the southern part of the arctic supercontinent, which they later named Upper Videnth. That civilization is now long gone as well, probably due to harsh conditions during the Ice Age. Their descendants in Upper Videnth eventually forgot their origins.

The Videnthian Theory[edit]

Some Argivian scholars believe that the accounts of the Brothers' War are too unrealistic and the scale of the war would be too great for the time, making it impossible to have happened on the Terisian Isles. They believe that it is far more likely that ancient Argoth is in fact Little Videnth Island and that the greater part of Terisiare lies on Greather Videnth. This would bring the conflict to a more realistic, albeit vaste, scale. To further support this theory, the climate in and around the Videnthian Sea seems to be much more consistent with that described in records of war.

The opposers of this Videnthian Theory remarks that Greater Videnth bears no resemblance with Terisiare, since on it there aren't any Kher Ridges, Sardian Mountains or Ronom Lake. Little Videnth, too, is a desolate and rocky atoll which bear no resemblance to verdant Argoth and could never have supported lush forests.

Scholars who support the Videnthian Theory answer to these objections that the absence of mountains and forests on Greater and Little Videnth is the result of erosion. They insist that the modern New Argive and Kher Ridges were named by the survivors of the war.

Once again, this suppositions are countered by the great distance between Greather Videnth and New Argive, and how such a long travel would have been impossible at the time.[3]


Obviously, the readers know that the location of the Brother's War was indeed the continent of Terisiare.


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