Great Salt Marshes of Western Golthonor

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The Great Salt Marshes of Western Golthonor form the southeastern portion of the Dominarian continent of Corondor. Golthonor's coastal swampland once was a rich trade route between Khone and Shikar, the contrary kingdoms.

Eastern part of the marsh
Southern part of the marsh

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The Golthonor Torrent. A stream that fed the Great Salt Marshes. The wizard Coldraith, in the year 1281 by the Reckoning of the Sages of Minorad, had magically stopped the flow of water into the marsh and instead began flooding the Plains of Coloni; the water returned to the marshes after Coldraith was killed by Altair of Coloni and Caliphear the Nightmare.
    • The Corthipan Inlet Location where the Golthonor Torrent meets the Great Salt Marshes.
  • The Great Sulgh Salt Marsh or Sulgh Swamp. The salt marsh west of Khone, at the mouth of the Golthonor torrent, separating the nations of Golthonor and Casindral. Kristina of the Woods and Jared Carthalion found Altair of Coloni and Caliphear the Nightmare here. The Great Sulgh Salt Marsh was also where Sivitri Scarzam began her invasion with her Scarzam Dragons before the conquest of Geyadrone Dihada. After Dihada left Dominaria, the salt marsh was inhabited by Sol'Kanar the Swamp King.
    • Coldraith's Keep. Coldraith’s lair, surrounded by a wall of thorns. The keep was penetrated by Altair and Caliphear, with an army soon following.
  • Khone, once one of the Contrary Kingdoms. It used to be an enchanted forest, until it was twisted into a swamp by Geyadrone Dihada and its spirit was bound to Geyadrone’s service as Sol’Kanar the Swamp King.