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Gix Vanguard.jpg
Birthplace Thran Empire, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime c. -5000 - 3245 AR
Race Phyrexian Demon (Formerly Human)
The Thran, The Brothers' War, Planeswalker

Gix was a Thran from Terisiare on Dominaria, converted into a Phyrexian Demon by Yawgmoth himself. He was built of bone, machine parts, and soft meat.


Gix first appeared several years before the fall of the Thran Empire as a rebel operating out of the Caves of the Damned. Gix achieved notoriety by stabbing the Thran genius artificer Glacian with a powerstone shard. Gix's rebellion was eventually put to a stop by Yawgmoth after the healer offered to help the inhabitants of the Caves of the Damned that were infected with phthisis due to powerstone radiation. After being converted into a Phyrexian, Gix aided Yawgmoth throughout the Thran-Phyrexian War, and was later exiled from Dominaria along with all of Yawgmoth's minions.

Gix next appeared during the Brothers' War, where he manipulated both sides of the conflict in the hopes of destroying the only possible obstacles for a future Phyrexian invasion, the brothers Urza and Mishra. Although Gix's machinations resulted in widespread disaster for the Brothers, his efforts ultimately ended in failure. Gix returned to Phyrexia along with his human followers, and was severely punished for his failure and his part in the subsequent sealing off of Dominaria due to the creation of the Shard of the Twelve Worlds.

Gix's torment was ended several thousand years later and he was placed in command of the Phyrexian incursion into the small nation of Efuan Pincar. By now, he was a monstrous compleated creature of bone, metal and flesh. Urza, now a planeswalker, discovered Gix's involvement and engaged him in a short battle at the Caves of Koilos. Gix attempted to use a temporal shift to destroy Urza, but was hurled into the portal by the Phyrexian sleeper agent Xantcha and the human Ratepe.

It is currently unknown whether Gix was destroyed in the event, or if he was somehow transported to another time period. But sixty years after the Mending, his name is still not forgotten.

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Art from The Duelist #34. Art by Chippy


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