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The Gilt Leaf was the strongest elvish tribe on the plane of Lorwyn. The center of their realm was the Gilt-Leaf Wood and its capital Lys Alana, where the king and queen reigned along with their court of Perfect and Exquisite elves.

The Gilt Leaf tribe was known for their effective and ruthless packs of hunters, and also for being one of the most obsessed with the concept of beauty to determine an individual's status and worth. Those who were found ugly, disfigured, or maimed were proclaimed eyeblights and either killed or transformed into the vinebred warriors.

The Gilt Leaf elves wore green and gold as their main colors.

The tribe's hunter army was divided into packs, with an officer with the rank of daen. The highest commanding officer held the rank of taercenn.

Gilt Leaf lexicon[edit]

  • taercenn: The highest commander of the Gilt Leaf army.
  • daen: A lower commanding rank, a daen was usually in charge of a single pack.
  • pack: A group of hunters. Known packs include the Hemlock, Deathcap, and Nightshade.
  • eyeblight: A creature judged ugly by elvish standards. Among elves, the title was usually conferred upon those who were scarred in battle or those whose beauty had faded in old age. The elves treat most of the other races as eyeblights automatically.
  • vinebred: Warriors "enhanced" by symbiotic vines that increased physical strength and made the subject obedient to virtually all orders from higher commanding officer. The vinebred were created either from eyeblight elves or captured members of other races.
  • winnower: An expert hunter specializing in the hunting and killing of eyeblights. The Gilt Leaf used both standard and vinebred winnowers.
  • scarblade: A specialized assassin equipped not to kill their victims but to disfigure them, rendering them eyeblights. Used often in political quarrels or as bodyguards. Usually employ glamers. The scarblades are equipped with a pair of weapons:
  • dant: a long, sleek, curved blade used by scarblades, also dubbed "tooth" and
  • ewynn: a flat, hooked, flesh-ripping curved blade, used by scarblades, also dubbed "claw".
  • glamer: A spell used to mask a person's physical appearance.
  • cervin: A long-legged, deer-like mount used by the higher ranks of hunters. Prized for their beauty and gentle temperament, cervins remain calm during combat. Cervins roam wild in the Gilt-Leaf and are easily trained, but elves prefer to ride a pure-bred domestic over a wild-born animal.[1] When breeding cervins, the elves track bloodlines, and the most perfect mounts are gifts to the most perfect elves.
    • Some elves who are lower in the social hierarchy ride vinebred cervins because they're deemed more acceptable than riding a flawed cervin.

Known members of the Gilt Leaf[edit]


After the Great Aurora's transformation of Lorwyn into Shadowmoor, the Gilt Leaf tribe became the Wilt Leaf tribe of elves. The elvish position in the world fundamentally changed, and so did the society. The elves devoted themselves to protecting the little beauty that remained in the world. The center of their realm was the Cayr Ulios safehold. They were reigned by the King and Queen of Wilt Leaf, and the highest military position was the First Vigilant.

Wilt Leaf lexicon[edit]

  • safehold: a well-protected elven fortress
  • safewright: an elvish warrior devoted to protecting his people and the beauty of the world
  • hallowheld: an item of beauty, collected by the elves to store and hide the beauty from the world's evils
  • dawnhand: an elvish healer skilled in cultivating and processing the dawnglove herb (among other healing skills)
  • vigilant: a title of the highest commanders of the Wilt Leaf troops

Known members of the Wilt Leaf[edit]


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