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Gherridarigaaz was a powerful Shivan dragon who allied with Urza. She died sacrificing herself to protect Urza from a quick and powerful blast of Radiant's spell during the battle in Serra's Realm.

Earlier, her son chose to be the viashino's champion and she was angered at that decision. The viashinos had an agreement with Urza to get him to stop her from attacking them so that Urza could use the rig. Urza then threatened her. Later, everyone believed that he died, but in fact, he was stuck in Yavimaya.

Her son, Rhammidarigaaz, would become leader of the Dragon Nations and turned out to be reincarnation of one of the godlike Primevals. He commited suicide soon after realising what exactly he became, thus breaking godhood of the rest four dragons.

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