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Gateway promos are foil promotional cards sent to players for participating in tournaments at local stores from 2006 to 2012. Magic Gateway was an in-store Organized Play program by Wizards of the Coast.

In October 2008 the Magic Gateway program became part of the Wizards Play Network.

Earning points[edit | edit source]

Players filled their Gateway reward card with 30 stamps (30 points) to get their promo card:

  • By playing their very first game in the store = 10 points
  • By participating in the Gateway league: winning (4 points) or losing (3 points)
  • By participating in a Gateway tournament: participating (5 points), winning (6 points) or losing (4 points)

Card list[edit | edit source]

2006[edit | edit source]

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2008[edit | edit source]

2009[edit | edit source]

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2011[edit | edit source]

2012[edit | edit source]

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