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Gatecrash/Intro packs

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Intro packs

Gatecrash has five bicolored guild-centric intro packs.[1][2]

Boros Battalion[edit | edit source]

Boros Battalion is a red/white intro pack centering around the Boros Legion.

GTC Boros Battalion.jpg

The rares in this deck are Foundry Champion (holographic foil) and Firemane Avenger.

Dimir Dementia[edit | edit source]

Dimir Dementia is a blue/black intro pack centering around House Dimir.

GTC Dimir Dementia.jpg

The rares in this deck are Consuming Aberration (holographic foil) and Whispering Madness.

Gruul Goliaths[edit | edit source]

Gruul Goliaths is a red/green intro pack centering around the Gruul Clans.

GTC Gruul Goliaths.jpg

The rares in this deck are Rubblehulk (holographic foil) and Gruul Ragebeast.

Orzhov Oppression[edit | edit source]

Orzhov Oppression is a white/black intro pack centering around the Orzhov Syndicate.

GTC Orzhov Oppression.jpg

The rares in this deck are Treasury Thrull (holographic foil) and High Priest of Penance.

Simic Synthesis[edit | edit source]

Simic Synthesis is a green/blue intro pack centering around the Simic Combine.

GTC Simic Synthesis.jpg

The rares in this deck are Fathom Mage (holographic foil) and Unexpected Results.

References[edit | edit source]

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