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Fourth Edition/Pocket Players' Guide

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Pocket Players' Guide
The Pocket Players' Guide for Magic: The Gathering - Fourth Edition
Publishing Information
First printing 1995
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The Pocket Players' Guide for Magic: The Gathering - Fourth Edition is a guide to the cards and rules of the Fourth Edition of Magic. It was published in 1995.

Contents include:

  • Introduction by Rich Redman and Eric Doohan
  • The World of Dominia
  • Playing the Game
    • The Magic: the Gathering - Fourth Edition Annotated Rules - by the WotC Rules Team with annotations by Beth Moursund
    • Glossary and Notes - by Beth Moursund
    • Sequence of Play: A Quick Reference Guide
    • Detailed Attack Sequence
    • General Rulings Summary
    • Timing - by Tom Wylie
  • Developing Your Deck
    • Excuse Me, Mr. Suitcase? - by Paul Peterson
    • It's in the Cards: An Examination of Card Combinations - by Mark Rosewater
  • Multiplayer Environments
  • The Duelists' Convocation and Official Tournament Rules - by The Duelists' Convocation
  • Collectors' Information - by T. Brian Wagner and Victor K. Wertz
    • Magic: A Collecting History.
    • Magic: The Gathering - Fourth Edition
    • Card List and Errata List
  • Game Support - by Rich Redman and Eric Doohan
    • Index
    • Deckmaster Customer Survey
    • The Duelist Magazine Subscription Form
    • Duelist's Convocation Membership Form