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Flowstone was a silvery substance made in the reactor core of the Stronghold and used by the Phyrexians to increase the mass of Rath and therefore allow the plane to overlay onto Dominaria. Flowstone was made from nanorobots that could, through magic, be manipulated into virtually any shape and appear as almost any other material, making it incredibly useful.[1][2] Another function of flowstone was protecting the artificial plane Rath from collapsing by drawing aside its planar boundaries. The ability to control flowstone was one of the main skills of the Rathi Evincars.

Following the Rathi overlay, there are large amounts of flowstone left across Dominaria. A new kind of spellcasters appeared, who are specialized in controlling flowstone and drawing power from it.

Flowstone is mechanically characterized by +1/-1 or a multiple thereof.

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