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Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime Immortal?
Race Dwarf (debated if planeswalker or a god)
The Myths of Magic, Scourge'

Fiers was a dwarf, revered as a god by Dominaria's dwarves and the Barbarian tribes on the Otarian continent of that plane. He was summoned by Karona as the deity of red magic, and might have been a planeswalker.

Myth of Magic[edit | edit source]

In "The Myths of Magic"'s short story The Lady of The Mountain, he is portrayed as a god who helped Gaea create the world. He created the dwarves of the plane on his own and also helped create the Lady of the Mountain. The tale states that he is worshipped by all dwarves. However, only a few dwarves other than Otarians appear in the short story, so it is hard to say whether or not this is true. Fiers is repeatedly mentioned by Balthor and Jeska in their speeches indicating that they are believers of him, or that expressions using his name are common in their culture.

Scourge continuity issue[edit | edit source]

Fiers, along with several other popular characters, is part of a heavily-debated continuity issue concerning the Scourge novel. While Karona summoned Fiers, Multani, Teferi, Lowallyn and Yawgmoth, that meeting was later retconned without further explanation. It is possible that Fiers is indeed a planeswalker, but if the retcon is to be believed, the real Fiers has yet to appear in the storyline.