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Race Planeswalker
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Birth unknown, died ~3780 AR
Homelands comic

Feroz was a planeswalker that thought the use of summoned beings was immoral.

History[edit | edit source]

He studied cultures across the multiverse, and journeyed to Ulgrotha, where he befriended the Anaba minotaur Sandruu. Later, when the two were fighting off a Root Spider, he met Serra, whom he eventually married. They went to the An-Havva where they met Baron Sengir, and were invited to his home, Castle Sengir. The Baron told them not to interfere with his plans. Feroz and Serra ignored this warning and helped the Ulgrothan people defend themselves against him.

They settled on Ulgrotha, and Feroz founded his Wizards' School, where he helped Sandruu ascend. In the guise of Porrin, he taught the Beast Walkers how to change shape. When Taysir chased Sandruu home and defeated the minotaur, Feroz defeated Taysir in return and created Feroz's Ban to protect the plane from further planeswalker incursions.

Feroz died in a lab accident while studying a fire elemental trapped in ice.

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