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The Farrelites are a breakaway religious sect in Sarpadia founded by Oliver Farrel. While found throughout Icatia, they were concentrated in the city of Montford.[1] Far more zealous in their actions than the Order of Leitbur, many Icatians were wary of the cult. While the Farrelites still claimed to stand for righteousness, purity, and the Hand of Justice, they were quick to label others as impure and became brutal vigilantes.[2]

“  The Hand of Justice will come to cleanse the world if we are true. —Oliver Farrel[3]  ”

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Oliver Farrel was originally an Icatian priest who broke away from the Order of Leitbur when he found them too complacent towards the Order of the Ebon Hand. Farrel gathered many followers through impassioned speeches on the street, bringing many of the poor to his flock with talks of political reform against the corrupt Icatian government.[4] When Trokair fell, the Farrelites broke all ties with Icatia and became openly hostile. Farrelite Priest would often stir crowds into a frenzy, accusing innocent people of being agents of Tourach.

Death of Farrel[edit | edit source]

Farrel, forsaken by the woman Tymolin Loneglade, began a personal vendetta against her, claiming she was Tourach reborn. Tymolin had long kept young by her brother, the planeswalker Tev Loneglade, and her ever-youthful visage lent weight to Farrel's claims. Accompanied by his champion Sianna, wearing his Mantle, Farrel ambushed Tymolin and Tev. Tev dispelled the mantle from Sianna, defeating him and angering Farrel, but Tev afterwards found himself lost in Havenwood, allowing Tymolin to be captured by the Ebon Hand.[1]

Vaylesh, the leader of the Ebon Hand party that captured her, used Tymolin to lure the Farrelites into open combat. Farrel offered Tymolin the chance to be his champion and lover again, but she refused. Farrel killed her, sending Tev into a rage. The Farrelites and the Ebon Hand engaged in a quick battle that was ended when Tev arrived as Tevesh Szat, incinerating all present including Farrel and Sianna. Both were held up as martyrs by the Cult.[4] Oliver Farrel's memory would not last long, however, as the Thrull Rebellion swept across Sarpadia not long after.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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