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Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown
Race Planeswalker
Sources none

Faralyn was the planeswalker that turned the Elder Dragon Vaevictus Asmodi into a dragon whelp and recruited the dragon Rhuell after it left Geyadrone Dihada’s forces. Faralyn took Ravidel as his spellsquire because Ravidel's parents couldn’t handle his magical powers.

The three were trapped in the Shard of the Twelve Worlds. Faralyn joined Freyalise in her study of the Shard, but thought of a different plan than Freyalise's. He organized the Summit of the Null Moon, hoping that the discord amongst the planeswalkers gathered there would flare and one of them would be killed. Instead of planeswalkers, Rhuell and Ravidel died, which provided enough energy for Faralyn to escape the Shard to Shandalar.

Faralyn's freedom did not last long, as he was quickly slain by an astral dragon summoned by Kenan Sahrmal.