Fallaji Empire

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Fallaji Empire
Plane Dominaria
Part of Terisiare
Status Fallen
Formerly part of Yotia
Great Desert
Later part of Terisiare (nation)
Sword Marches
Sea of Laments

The Fallaji Empire was a great alliance of several different tribes of desert nomads, on the continent of Terisiare of Dominaria. During the Brothers' War the tribes were united at last under the Suwwardi tribe, but would later be ruled by Mishra.

The Fallaji were a deeply religious people, distrusting of artifice and magic until the war against the other nations of Terisiare called for the technical prowess of Mishra and the allied Brotherhood of Gix. The Empire's natural territory stretched from the across "The Great Desert" in the center of Terisiare, but also had a significant portion of conquered lands at one point or another in the war. They also roamed across the Kher Ridges into the Western Desert. Nearly all the Fallaji were killed in the Last Battle, and a few hundred years later the only surviving Fallaji were known as desert nomads and wanderers with no association with the once-mighty empire.

Cities[edit | edit source]

  • Tomakul was one of the main cities of The Fallaji Empire. Considered by outsiders to be the most civilized Fallaji settlement, it was also somewhat like the capital of their nation. Tomakul was recognized by foreigners its onion-domed palaces. Much trade ran to and from the city, and merchants were abundant in the commons. The tribe of Fallaji that founded it, also known as the Tomakul, held much sway over the other tribes via their accumulated prestige.
  • Zegon, a coastal city on the southern coast. During Urza's time, it was ruled by a council. Fifty years before his birth, it had been ruled by the last warrior-queen Nedastophalites. This was the Golden Age of the Zegoni people because she won them freedom from the ruling Fallaji tribe of that time, the Tomakul.[1]

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