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Friday Night Magic

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Friday Night Magic (FNM) is a weekly Magic: The Gathering tournament played in many different local communities. Friday Night Magic generally uses formats which are accessible to its player-base, with Limited and Standard being common. It is considered by Wizards of the Coast to be one of the most successful play programs in their history.[1]

FNM is known for its prize support, which until September 2017 included a monthly foil card which each winner received, known as a FNM promo. Starting with the release of Ixalan, FNM "seasons" were aligned with set releases, and promos were changed to foil double-sided tokens.[1] This move was motivated by the wish to target to provide a space for the "interested player" in a more casual setting.[2] The "engaged player" would instead be serviced by the Standard Showdown.[3][4][5]

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