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Thopter Foundry or ROFLThopter is an Extended Combo deck with a varying degree of control elements. It came into existence with the namesake card Thopter Foundry in Alara Reborn. The deck aims of getting a Thopter Foundry into play with a Sword of the Meek either in the graveyard or in play. Should the Sword be in the graveyard, just another artifact is sacrificed to the Foundry to produce a 1/1 flying Thopter token and gain 1 life. When the token enters the battlefield, the Sword returns to the Battlefield as well. Now the Sword can be sacrificed to the Foundry for another token and another lifepoint. Essentially each mana invested yields a token and a lifepoint shortly amassing to an overwhelming wave of tokens and becoming continuously resilient to damage.

Some versions use Time Sieve which in combination with the core combo gives the player infinite turns once five sources of mana are reached. When the sixth source is drawn the an army of Thopters which continually attacks grows. Krark-Clan Ironworks may also be used to instantly grow the tokens exponentially as each token sacrificed to the Ironworks yields two mana which in turn is converted into two tokens. However, neither Time Sieve nor Ironworks are essential to the deck as the deck can simply outlast other decks.

Gerry Thompson combined the Thopter Foundry deck with the other prevalent combo deck in the format at the time, Dark Depths, to create a 'Thopter Depths' deck which dominated the Extended format until the new rotation policy change in the summer of 2010 invalidated every existing deck in the format.