Extended Sunny Side Up deck

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Sunny Side Up is a combo deck. Using Cantrip mana artifacts such as Odyssey eggs (e.g. Sungrass Egg) and Chromatic Sphere the player tries to draw into Reshape and Second Sunrise. Using Reshape, the player puts Lotus Bloom into play. After all all sacrificeable permanents have been sacrificed, Second Sunrise is played returning all those permanents to play at which points it starts over. This is repeated until there are no cards in the library anymore.

At this point, the deck makes use of Conjurer's Bauble to put Second Sunrise into the library and draw it again, making it an arbitrary often repeatable loop generating vast amounts of mana from Lotus Bloom and Archaeological Dig. Finally, the opponent is killed by either endlessly recurring Pyrite Spellbomb or grabbing a Brain Freeze with Cunning Wish.

However, the deck is prone to fizzle should Second Sunrise not be drawn repeatedly.