Extended Scapeshift Combo deck

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Scapeshift Combo is an Extended Combo deck which came into existence with the introduction of Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle in Zendikar which supplements the namesake Scapeshift. Sacrificing at least seven lands to Scapeshift the player searches for six Mountains or more (possibly including Stomping Ground or other Ravnica Dual lands) and one or two Valakut. For each Mountain entering play, Valakut deals 3 damage to the opponent. At a minimum (Valakut and six mountains) this yields 18 damage. Provided two damage have been dealt from other sources, quite likely in an environment filled with fetch lands and shock lands, the opponent suffers lifeloss greater than his life total. The deck can also deal additional damage with Magma Jet or Sakura-Tribe Elder

Scapeshift Combo - Shi Tian Lee - Worlds 2009