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Haterator was a primarily green-white aggro-control deck.

The original design relied upon Tallowisp to generate card advantage off Kami of Ancient Law and Phantom Centaur and search for Armadillo Cloak and sometimes other Auras like Griffin Guide or Temporal Isolation. A Centaur with Armadillo Cloak would be virtually unkillable except for Wrath effects since it would be indifferent to damage and could not be targeted by black removal. However, most of the time the Cloak would end up on a Troll Ascetic. In later stages the deck would abandon the Tallowisp approach and relied upon simply drawing the cards it needed.

What gave the name "Haterator" was the availability of cheap white and/or green cards such as Gaddock Teeg which could throw a wrench into the opponents plans. Some versions also employed Living Wish to access silver-bullet cards out of the sideboard.

G/W Ghost Dad - Rusty Kubis - PTQ Hollywood 2008 Des Moines

G/W Wisp - Matt Hansen - PTQ Hollywood 2008 Wichita


Some versions of the deck approached it differently by splashing other colors. Black was primarily used to have access to Cabal Therapy and Vindicate. Another popular approach was to splash blue for Trinket Mage which would make it able to easily access an array of artifact cards which could destroy the opponents game play. Examples would be Chalice of the Void, Tormod's Crypt and Pithing Needle.

Haterator - Giacomo Loccarini - CC Roma 2007-08 I