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Enchantress is a green-white deck which would utilize Argothian Enchantress and Verduran Enchantress to draw cards off playing enchantments. In later decks, Verduran Enchantress was largely replaced by Enchantress's Presence which was itself an enchantment and would already trigger an Argothian Enchantress already in play.

The earliest builds of these decks were aggro-controlish. Eladamri's Vineyard could be used to pump out creatures early and Survival of the Fittest would be used to find Squee, Goblin Nabob who would repeatedly fuel Survival and then Masticore who would also be kept alive by Squee. The large amount of carddraw from the Enchantresses would also help either card and Rancor would help the Enchantresses themselves. The deck would usually finish off with a Yavimaya Enchantress or any creature with an Ancestral Mask on it. However, this version was shortlived as Survival was banned in the format.

Later the deck would be picked up again as Onslaught brought with it Enchantress's Presence and the Words-Enchantment cycle, specifically Words of Wind and sometimes Words of Wilding. This version would be a control deck with combo and prison elements. Words of Wind would be used to lock out the opponent by bouncing all his permanents while the player would just bounce a cheap enchantment such as Wild Growth which would just be replayed and trigger more carddraw. Alternatively, given multiple enchantresses, multiple lands enchanted by Wild Growth or Fertile Ground and Cloud of Faeries, the deck could generate endless amounts of mana while drawing cards until it found a Stroke of Genius which would deck the opponent.

Enchantress - Bernabe Merino - Grand Prix Buenos Aires 2000

Enchantress - Wilson Freeman - PTQ Philadelphia 2005 Rochester</d