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Broken Jar is a combo deck that wins with Megrim. Its creation prompted an emergency mid-season banning of the titular Memory Jar after Randy Buehler and his playtest partner Erik Lauer finished 3rd and 4th in Grand Prix Vienna 1999. Many cards from that same deck would eventually end up on various Banned and Restricted lists of multiple formats.

Using Lotus Petal, Mana Vault, Dark Ritual, Mox Diamond, and Lion's Eye Diamond (before Errata), the deck quickly builds up to enough mana to Tinker for or cast Memory Jar. Activating the Jar would the deck even more mana cards and repeat the process which could also be helped by Yawgmoth's Will re-playing previous mana cards, Tinkers and Jars. During the repeated activation of Jars, the deck would at some point use Vampiric Tutor to find Megrim and play it.

Since the opponent would regularly not be able to get rid of the cards in his hand and would have even more problems to do so once a Defense Grid (which was used to protect the deck from countermagic) was on the table, he or she would repeatedly discard seven cards from his or her hand when the Jars' end of turn triggers kicked in. Megrim now deals massive amounts of damage to the opponent.

In 2008, Mike Flores called it the 5th best Extended deck of All Time.[1]

Broken Jar - Randy Buehler and Erik Lauer - Grand Prix Vienna 1999

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