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Angry Hermit Part Two was a combo-Reanimator deck heavily reliant on Hermit Druid and is directly responsible for that card's as well as Entomb's banishment from the format some time later. The deck played no basic lands except for a single Mountain, which could be searched for with Bloodstained Mire, to make Anger work. Later however, Anger was replaced by Dragon Breath making the deck require no basic lands at all. As a result, activating Hermit Druid could result in the entire library being dumped into the graveyard. The opponent would be finished by a Sutured Ghoul brought into play by Exhume, Corpse Dance or Reanimate. If necessary, Krosan Reclamation would be able to set up the reanimation spell on an empty library. Later builds could also put the Hermit into the graveyard with Buried Alive, make him perform a Corpse Dance and jumpstart the Combo.

An ideal draw of Hermit Druid, Mox Diamond, two lands and Reanimate could result in a turn 2 win.

Angry Ghoul - Viktor van den Broek

Angry Hermit - Tomohiro Kaji - Pro Tour New Orleans 2003

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