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Theme decks

Exodus theme decks are unique as they included a booklet describing the theme deck and an advanced version of the theme deck (cards not included).

“  Each of the four decks has a basic form, using only cards from the Tempest, Stronghold, and Exodus expansions. Each also has an advanced version that is more suited to the intense competition of tournaments. These make use of powerful cards from various in-print sets to make each deck even more effective.[1]  ”

Dominator[edit | edit source]

Dominator is a theme deck from Exodus.

“  Dominator is a blue deck of a different stripe, one that sets up for victory using plenty of creatures.[2]  ”
Dominator - Basic Deck

Lands (26)

26 Island

Artifact (1)

1 Erratic Portal

Sorcery (3)

2 Fade Away

1 Time Ebb

The 3 rares in this deck are Dominating Licid, Equilibrium and Erratic Portal.

Dominator - Advanced Deck

Groundbreaker[edit | edit source]

Groundbreaker is a theme deck from Exodus.

“  Groundbreaker is a classic land-destruction deck, with added creature removal to take on low-mana, fast horde decks.[3]  ”
Groundbreaker - Basic Deck

The 3 rares in this deck are Monstrous Hound, Thopter Squadron and Volrath's Dungeon.

White Heat[edit | edit source]

White Heat is a theme deck from Exodus.

“  White Heat is a variant on the white "weenie" deck, chock full of cheap white creatures but supported by plenty of red-hot direct damage.[4]  ”
White Heat - Basic Deck

The 3 rares in this deck are Limited Resources, Paladin en-Vec and Wall of Nets.

Note: The official deck page incorretly lists Reconnaissance as Reconaissance.

Widowmaker[edit | edit source]

Widowmaker is a theme deck from Exodus.

“  Widowmaker takes full advantage of powerful card-drawing effects while letting you strengthen your forces by discarding what you don't need.[5]  ”
Widowmaker - Basic Deck

The 3 rares in this deck are Mindless Automaton, Null Brooch and Oath of Scholars.

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