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Etlan Shiis is a Vodalian merfolk colony in the sea east of Aerona. The name means Freedom's Warmth in Vodalian. Atlantis is a corrupted pronunciation of the name used by the sea-faring Orvadian merchants they traded with. After the conquest by Empress Galina III, it became known as New Vodalia.

History[edit | edit source]

The lowly artisan caste had once been treated well within Vodalian society, but as Vodalia turned its eye towards imperial conquest, military and political skills became more important than sheer craftsmanship. Unappreciated and discriminated against, the artisan class sought and was granted the right to start a new colony that, by mutual agreement, would be located far away from the Imperial government that was oppressing them. Galina III fled her crumbling Sarpadian Empire through a magic portal to Etlan Shiis, the only colony likely to have escaped the Homarids. By accident, she arrived there 3000 years in the future and reformed it as New Vodalia.[1]

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