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Etherium is a magical aether-infused alloy found on Esper.[1] Another name for the same substance is filigree.

Description[edit | edit source]

According to the myth, it was created by the sphinx Crucius, and since then most of Esper's inhabitants have parts of their body replaced by etherium.[2] The body's functions are kept up through a series of complex enchantments. The stocks of etherium are measured in rods. Ultimately the Ethersworn are planning to fuse every living being with this metal.[3] The greatest masters of the craft abandon tools all-together, shaping the metal with hand and mind alone.[4]

The inhabitants of Esper believe that all life and every physical form is incomplete without some connection to the Aether via Filigree or Etherium fusing. The supply of Etherium is very limited, so the mages who infuse different life forms began to use more subtle fusions with lower class life forms.

Origin[edit | edit source]

It is unknown how Crucius made the alloy; even Sharuum could only show how to thin existing etherium. The Seekers of Carmot believe that the substance is made from sangrite (a magical bloodstone that stores the lifeforce of creatures that have died) and carmot and they possess the Codex Etherium, which supposedly reveals the location of both. However it was revealed by Tezzeret that it was a fraud.[5]

The red substance, sangrite, is in fact a mineral that can only be found on Jund, thus explaining why the Esperites cannot craft new etherium. All etherium was originally crafted by Crucius, himself a planeswalker who could obtain sangrite in Jund. Nicol Bolas explained that sangrite is petrified dragon blood from a dragon who dies in battle.[6]

Mining rights[edit | edit source]

Tezzeret and Nicol Bolas fought over mining rights on an unnamed plane, where Tezzeret claimed the ores needed to create etherium came from. It is unclear if this is on Esper or Jund.[7]

After the Conflux[edit | edit source]

After the Conflux, the Seekers send emissaries into the other shards, seeking carmot at any cost.[8] It was revealed by Tezzeret that he is the Carmot.[6] Whether he meant Esperites or humans in general is not known. Later, the human Breya was the first to create Etherium from Carmot harvested from Jund. To commemorate this, she replaced most of her body with self-crafted etherium.[9]

Etherium artifacts[edit | edit source]

Notable items made of etherium are the "Filigree Texts"[10] and Tezzeret's Infinity Globes.

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