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Birthplace Theros
Race God

Ephara is the God of the Polis on Theros. She is associated with white and blue mana.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ephara is the god of city-states and building. Ephara represents and presides over any organized state of people, but in particular she is worshipped in Meletis. Ephara is also the god of industry, civic wisdom, scholarship, religious sculpture, friezes, architecture, societal progress, social philosophy, and the protection and stability of the city. She granted power to the Meletians to kill the evil Archon Agnomakhos.

Story appearances[edit | edit source]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Nature of Identity Adam Lee 2014-01-15 Born of the Gods Theros Perisophia, Ephara
Dreams of the City Ken Troop 2014-04-23 Journey into Nyx Theros Ephara, Ashiok, Phenax

In-game references[edit | edit source]

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Inspiration[edit | edit source]

The character of Ephara is inspired by a partial aspect of Athena, the Greek goddess of civilization and the city of Athens (traditionally said to be named after her).

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