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Elliott Segal is a former Magic playtester, designer and developer.


In the late 1980s, Elliott was one of the playtesters from the University of Pennsylvania that Richard Garfield tagged to help get the Alpha card set (and game rules) ready for public consumption. Together with Bill Rose, Joel Mick, Charlie Catino, Don Felice and Howard Kahlenberg, Elliott formed the "Penn group" that designed Mirage and Visions.[1][2]

In a way, the card Telim'Tor was named after him. Telim'Tor is an anagram of "Mr. Toilet," which was Elliott's nickname. Why Mr. Toilet? As the story goes, Elliott was talking about football player William “The Refrigerator” Perry. Elliott commented how he would like to be named after a household appliances to which Bill Rose replied, “How about Mr. Toilet?” [3]




  • Revised Edition
  • Fourth Edition


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