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Eduardo Sajgalik

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Eduardo Sajgalik
Nickname Walaoumpa
Born January 27, 1988
Residence Montreal, Canada
Nationality France.png French
Canada.png Canadian
Pro Tour debut Pro Tour Geneva 2007
Pro Tour top 8s 2 (0 wins)
Grand Prix top 8s 4 (0 wins)
Median Pro Tour Finish 179
Pro Tours Played 19
Lifetime Pro Points 192 (as of 2017-07-31)

Eduardo Sajgalik is a French-Canadian professional player currently living in Montreal, Canada. He has two Pro Tour top eights: a sixth-place finish at PT Return to Ravnica in 2012, and a fourth-place finish at PT Aether Revolt. He has also finished in the top eight of four Grand Prix events. Additionally, Sajgalik is notable for having played on three different national teams (Canada, Great Britain, and England).

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Season Event type Location Format Date Rank
2007 Nationals Birmingham Standard and Booster Draft 27–29 July 2007 8
2008 Nationals Montreal Standard and Booster Draft 2–3 August 2008 3
2010 Nationals London Standard and Booster Draft 20–22 August 2010 7
2011 Grand Prix Barcelona Standard 26–27 March 2011 4
2011 Nationals Sheffield Standard and Booster Draft 19–21 August 2011 2
2012–13 Pro Tour Seattle Modern and Booster Draft 19–21 October 2012 6
2014–15 Grand Prix Milan Modern 13–14 December 2014 6
2014–15 Grand Prix Florence Team Limited 16–17 May 2015 4
2015–16 Grand Prix Detroit Modern 5–6 March 2016 6
2016–17 Pro Tour Dublin Standard and Booster Draft 3–5 February 2017 4

-->Source: Wizards.com

Pro Tour results[edit | edit source]

List of the Pro Tour results and winnings of Eduardo Sajgalik
Season Pro Tour Format Finish Winnings
2007 Geneva Booster Draft 179
2008 Kuala Lumpur Booster Draft 171
2008 Worlds (Memphis) Special 95
2009 Worlds (Rome) Special 395
2011 Nagoya Block Constructed and Booster Draft 229
2011 Worlds (San Francisco) Special 181
2012 Dark Ascension in Honolulu Standard and Booster Draft 351
2012–13 Return to Ravnica in Seattle Modern and Booster Draft 5 $10,000
2012–13 Gatecrash in Montreal Standard and Booster Draft 195
2013–14 Theros in Dublin Standard and Booster Draft 214
2014–15 Dragons of Tarkir in Brussels Standard and Booster Draft 78
2014–15 Magic Origins in Vancouver Standard and Booster Draft 254
2015–16 Oath of the Gatewatch in Atlanta Modern and Booster Draft 152
2015–16 Shadows over Innistrad in Madrid Standard and Booster Draft 116
2015–16 Eldritch Moon in Sydney Standard and Booster Draft 67 $1,000
2016–17 Kaladesh in Honolulu Standard and Booster Draft 97
2016–17 Aether Revolt in Dublin Standard and Booster Draft 4 $15,000
2016–17 Amonkhet in Nashville Standard and Booster Draft 219
2016–17 Hour of Devastation in Kyoto Standard and Booster Draft 245

-->Source: Wizards.com

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