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Dual land

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Dual lands or duals is common slang for any nonbasic land that produces two colors of mana, particularly the ten original rare lands printed from Alpha to Revised.

Original dual lands[edit | edit source]

Allied colored[edit | edit source]

Enemy colored[edit | edit source]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Since then, "dual land" has also come to refer to any land that can produce two colors of mana.[1][2][3][4] Dual lands are often highly sought-after and fetch high prices on the secondary market.

Popular dual land cycles have been printed in numerous sets, including:

Cycle Type Original Set Major Reprints Note
Pain lands Ally-colored Ice Age Fifth Edition, Sixth Edition, Seventh Edition, Ninth Edition, Tenth Edition
Enemy-colored Apocalypse Ninth Edition, Tenth Edition, Magic 2015, Magic Origins
Pain lands Enemy-colored Tempest Vintage Masters Enters the battlefield tapped
Fetch lands Ally-colored Mirage Vintage Masters Enters the battlefield tapped
Fetch lands Ally-colored Onslaught Khans of Tarkir, Zendikar Expeditions Fetches lands with basic land types
Enemy-colored Zendikar Modern Masters 2017, Zendikar Expeditions
Filter lands Ally-colored Odyssey
Filter lands Ally-colored Shadowmoor Zendikar Expeditions
Enemy-colored Eventide Zendikar Expeditions, Masters 25
Bounce lands Ally and enemy-colored Ravnica block Iconic Masters Enters the battlefield tapped
Shock lands Ally and enemy-colored Ravnica block Return to Ravnica block, Zendikar Expeditions Has basic land types
Future Sight lands Ally-colored Future Sight Iconic Masters Special cycle of different mechanics[5]
Scry lands Ally and enemy-colored Theros block Enters the battlefield tapped
Battle lands Ally-colored Battle for Zendikar Zendikar Expeditions Has basic land types
Check lands Ally-colored Magic 2010 Magic 2011, Magic 2012, Magic 2013, Ixalan Checks for basic land types
Enemy-colored Innistrad Dominaria
Dual-colored manlands Ally-colored Worldwake
Enemy-colored Battle for Zendikar block
Fast lands[6] Ally-colored Scars of Mirrodin
Enemy-colored Kaladesh
Reveal lands Ally-colored Shadows over Innistrad Works with nonbasic lands that have basic land types
Bicycle lands Ally-colored Amonkhet Enters the battlefield tapped, has basic land types
Bond lands Ally-colored Battlebond Enters the battlefield tapped unless controller has two or more opponents

There are also a few notable "triple lands" cycles that produce three colors of mana; a cycle of shard-colored triple lands was printed in Shards of Alara and a cycle of wedge-colored triple lands was printed in Khans of Tarkir.

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References[edit | edit source]

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