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Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Unknown
Race Vampire

Drana is the bloodchief of the Kalastria, the wealthiest and most powerful of the vampire families of Malakir on Zendikar.

When Kalitas of the Ghet family seized holdings outside of Malakir and threatened to turn all of the vampires of Malakir into thralls of the Eldrazi, Drana struck back, retaking control of Malakir and driving Kalitas and his traitors away from the city. However, Drana's victory was short-lived, as she and her remaining people were driven from the city by ever-growing hordes of Eldrazi.[1] When Bala Ged was near total destruction, she decided to join forces with the troops of Gideon Jura on Tazeem.

After the rise of Kozilek, when the Planeswalkers dedicated to stopping the Eldrazi were either defeated or went missing, Drana begrudingly allowed general Tazri to take command.[2] She survived the last confrontation with Ulamog and Kozilek, in which the titans were defeated by the Gatewatch and their allies.[3]

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