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Dragon's Maze has one bicolored guild-centric event deck.[1]

Strength of Selesnya[edit | edit source]

“  From its guildhome Vitu-Ghazi, the Selesnya Conclave engages in a relentless campaign of growth, sending its tendrils out into the never-ending streets of the Ravnican metropolis. With the “Strength of Selesnya” deck, you sow the field of battle with a variety of troops, many of them creature tokens. Then you can grow a mighty army using populate effects, which give you another a copy of one of your creature tokens. And finally, as your forces stretch to the horizon, your enemy will crumble in the face of your relentless expansion.[2]  ”

The rares in this deck are Godless ShrineGrove of the GuardianChampion of LambholtGeist-Honored MonkOdric, Master TacticianWayfaring TempleAdvent of the Wurm Advent of the Wurm], Parallel Lives, and Growing Ranks. and Increasing Devotion.

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