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Dovin Baan

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Dovin Baan
Dovin Baan.jpg
Birthplace Kaladesh
Race Vedalken planeswalker
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Dovin Baan is a vedalken planeswalker from the the plane of Kaladesh.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Dovin Baan is tall, thin and always impeccably dressed. His suit is partially encased in whorls and filigrees of brass, bits of which hiss and tick faintly as he moves. Baan has an innate talent, heightened by magic, that allows him to clearly see the flaws in any system or machine. After mere moments of scrutiny, Dovin can provide a complete analysis, noting a particular machine's weaknesses, highlighting its shortcomings, and predicting with startling accuracy exactly how and when it will fail.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Dovin Baan is the Minister of Inspections of the Consulate of Kaladesh. His admirable success made him serve as senior inspector of the Inventors' Fair.

When he came up against an unexpected and unpredictable renegade threat, he requested the aid of the Gatewatch. The Gatewatch had to refuse their help, because they considered his problems an internal affair. However, his visit alerted Chandra Nalaar of the going ons on her plane of birth, and she planeswalked to Kaladesh with Liliana Vess.[3] Baan quickly returned to Kaladesh, Nissa in tow. He arrived next to Tezzeret, when he was about to arrest Renegade Prime. Recognizing Chandra in the crowd, he ordered gearhulks to be brought in position to keep them away. Renegade Prime, however, relented and let herself be taken into custody. Baan appeared to be relieved by that.[4]

During Tezzeret's coup, Dovin Baan hesitantly cooperated, although he disliked the draconian manner in which the inventions were taken from the inventors. Tezzeret assured him that this was solely done for protecting the inventions, since he expected a major Renegade retaliation, and to develop them further in order to usher in a new era of innovation. Tezzeret then revealed that he intended to make Dovin the head of the institution that would manufacture these new, streamlined inventions and make them public among the population of Kaladesh. In exchange, Tezzeret demanded that Dovin Baan would take care of the Gatewatch, since it was due to his invitation that they were here. Baan immediately went to assembling a group of elite soldiers, intending to use the weaknesses and dysfunctions of the Gatewatch against them.[5]

After the Renegades had managed to conquer the central Aether Hub of the city, Tezzeret ordered Baan on the Skysovereign to lend aid his battle plans. After examining the situation, Baan pointed out that the majority of the Renegades, under them Renegade Prime, had taken up residence in the hub and that a direct attack would be surely fail. Instead, he advised to encircle the facility and draw out their commanders, including the planeswalkers, and then strike with aerial support and various armored inspectors. Listing the weaknesses of the Gatewatch, Baan stated that the weakest link of the group was Chandra Nalaar, due to her impulsiveness. Tezzeret then ordered Baral to distract Chandra, exploiting the hatred that existed between both. Baan was wary of this plan, since he mistrusted Baral's soundness of mind.

Tezzeret ordered Baan to supervise the operation. Insisting that their confrontation would take place in one of the more dilapidated quarters of Ghirapur, he watched the battle between the Consulate officer and the planeswalkers. When Baral wanted more firepower against them, Baan refused, wanting to keep the citizenry safe from collateral damage. He also heard Baral's goad that Kiran and Pia Nalaar had not died in the fire, as previously stated, but that Kiran had been murdered by the Consulate officer and Pia taken into the Dhund without a trial. Charging the officer with murder, attempted murder and multiple counts of falsification of the public record, Baan ordered Baral's imprisonment. As the former chief protested, Baan informed him that the central Aether Hub was again under Consulate control.[6]

When the Renegades attacked the Consulate's Spire, Baan boarded the Heart of Kiran and sabotaged the Hope of Ghirapur, which was an essential part of their strategy. He then planeswalked away before Chandra could stop him.[7]

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References[edit | edit source]

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