Domri Rade

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Domri Rade
Domri Rade.jpg
Birthplace The Rubblebelt, Ravnica
Lifetime ~4593
Race Human Planeswalker
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Domri Rade is a red and green-aligned planeswalker and a member of the Gruul Clans.[1] He wasn't always a member of the Gruul, having been orphaned to the streets and ruins of Ravnica before he could even remember.

History[edit | edit source]

Joining the Gruul[edit | edit source]

Domri had always admired the Gruul, idolizing them for having the guts to fight the powers that be, powers that he had to deal with every day in his adolescence. Unfortunately, he was too small and wiry for any clan of the Gruul to claim him. Rejected, but not dejected, he continued to strive to be what the Gruul wanted. Without a clan to call his own, he found companionship in the feral beasts of the ruins he called home. He developed an affinity for them, the first stirring of magic that he could claim as his own.

This skill would finally earn him his long desired place among the Gruul. When the Orzhov Syndicate pushed into the Rubblebelt, Domri commanded a herd of ragebeasts into driving them out, a feat that earned the eye of the Guildmaster himself, Borborygmos. The cyclops declared Domri an honorary member of the Burning Tree clan.

Rite of Passage[edit | edit source]

His life was normal amongst the clans, pretend fighting with his best friends Whip and Lakkie, further smashing the ruins of the Rubblebelt, and in general being a nuisance to everyone he encountered. It was a mundane life, but all that changed when he underwent the Gruul rite of passage. It all changed when it came time for him to be buried alive.

Teenage bravado led him to brag to his friends, but as the shaman of his clan led him further from his Rubblebelt home, he began to fret more and more. Reaching Utvara, they prepared him with the ritual magic to keep his body alive, but his mind was left unprotected. As the dirt fell upon him, all the boy's bluster fled and panic set in. He clung to what he knew, prayed to the old gods for deliverance, and struggled as hard as he could under the crushing weight of the cold earth. It was then, in the darkness, that his eyes were opened.

He awoke under the Nayan skies, confused but happy to be alive. He was amazed at the lush, untamed growth of the world around him, and in his exuberance called out... gaining the notice of a Gargantuan and nearly getting himself killed. It was only thanks to the timely intervention of a group of Cylian godtrackers that he survived. He babbled to them about his own world, and the more he thought of his home, the more real his vision became until at last, he was pulled once more through the Blind Eternities to his homeworld.

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References[edit | edit source]

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