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Creature type
(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
Statistics 116 cards
{W} 17.2% {U} 2.6% {B} 2.6% {R} 26.7% {G} 32.8% {B/R} 0.9% {R/G} 4.3% {G/W} 2.6% {R/W} 3.4% {G/U} 0.9% {M} 6%
as of Core Set 2021
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Dinosaur is a creature type used for cards depicting prehistoric reptile-like and related creatures.


Dinosaurs can be bipedal or quadrupedal species. Elaborate display structures such as horns or crests are common to all dinosaur groups, and some have skeletal modifications such as bony armor and spines. According to modern science, dinosaurs are ancestors of birds and many non-avian dinosaurs were feathered themselves.


Current scientific consensus is that the definition of dinosaurs excludes the flying pterosaurs, as well as the various groups of marine reptiles, such as ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and mosasaurs. This distinction is largely ignored in popular culture and similarly in Magic: The Gathering, where pterosaurs are typed as Dinosaur creatures.[1][2][3]


The real-world term 'dinosaur' is derived from the modern Latin dinosaurus via the Greek deinos, meaning 'terrible', 'horrible', 'fearful', 'astounding', 'marvelous', 'mighty' or 'powerful' and sauros, meaning 'lizard', which itself is an existing creature type and the creature type originally printed on numerous Dinosaurs prior to the Ixalan block.


Pygmy Allosaurus from Ice Age was the first card to be printed with the creature type Dinosaur. The type was dropped in the Grand Creature Type Update and subsequent Dinosaurs were printed as Lizard Beasts (Crag Saurian, Shivan Raptor, Gnathosaur, Imperiosaur and Deathmist Raptor). Old Fogey from Unhinged was the only exception; the card retained the subtype Dinosaur, because un-cards were eliminated from the Comprehensive Rules list.

According to Aaron Forsythe, a dinosaur world was "unlikely to happen, because they do nothing".[4] However, on Announcement Day in June 2017 it was revealed that the Ixalan block would feature feathered dinosaurs. Kelly Digges confirmed on Twitter that the creature type would be restored and existing dinos would get Oracle updates.[5] In September 2017, 13 older cards were indeed updated to have the subtype.[6] With this, Fungusaur from Alpha retroactively became the earliest card with the subtype. In January 2018, four more cards were updated.[7]

In Ixalan block, Dinosaurs is actually one of the four main supported tribes.[8][9]



Scaly allosaurs and raptors[10] once roamed areas such as Shiv. The Territorial Allosaurus is still a living remnant of the Ice Age. The Windgrace Acolytes fly on pterodactyl-like creatures.


Like on Ixalan, Fiora's wilderness is home to feathered raptorial dinosaurs. Selvala of Alberon is known to be able to call them as she can do with many other wild beasts and birds.


Dinosaurs are one of the dominant clades of Ikoria and associated with both Raugrin and red mana, though some are mono-green as well. They are more reptilian than dinosaurs in other planes, having scales instead of feathers and generally looking like generic lizards. They are extremely violent and constantly seek to fight and to kill.[11]


Dinosaurs are the dominant wildlife in the world of Ixalan, inhabiting its jungles and especially the lands of the Sun Empire, where some are controlled by the Sun Empire (without being domesticated).[12][13] Unlike dinosaurs from other planes, these bear brilliant plumage in multiple colors.[14][15][16] They are associated with the sun, and local dinosaur avatars embody different solar stages. The humans of the Sun Empire believe them to be creations of Kinjalli, who made them out of stone.

Elder Dinosaurs[edit]

The Elder Dinosaurs were apparently preserved for ages in the Golden City of Orazca.[17] Compared to their smaller cousins they have less colorful plumage and more grayish scales, but their feathers are a bright gold that matches the city itself. They are strong-willed and ferocious, but the power of the Immortal Sun gives the Sun Empire warriors who wield it the ability to bring these elder dinosaurs under their command. The tale of the Elder Dinosaurs had taken Huatli the longest to memorize, an agonizing two years to lock in her mind in its entirety.[18] They were ancient and wild, utterly untamable, the greatest of the dinosaurs.


Pterons, pterodactyl-like flying creatures, soar the skies above the Razor Fields of Mirrodin.[19] They are associated with White, though they aren't represented in cards other than Pteron Ghost. Though not from Mirrodin, Wingfold Pteron from Ikoria is another representation of this kind of creature.

Tyrranax are giant predatory reptiles that roam the Tangle, feeding on any lesser creature.


Imperiosaurs and other giant saurians inhabit this primeval and wild plane and are sometimes victims to the dreaded Mimeoplasm.


Dinosaurs have been known to exist on Ravnica, often intruding on the urban territory, such as Ripscale Predator


The mist valleys are home to some fearsome raptorian saurians with camouflage abilities.

Notable Dinosaurs[edit]




Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Dinosaur Green Creature — Dinosaur 3/3 Trample
Red Creature — Dinosaur 1/1 Haste
Dinosaur Beast Green Creature — Dinosaur Beast X/X Trample
Dinosaur Cat Red/​White Creature — Dinosaur Cat 2/2


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