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Demigods were powerful spirit avatars that existed on Shadowmoor. Tales of each Demigod make up the epic poem The Seer's Parables.[1]

The Seer's Parables[edit | edit source]

The Seer's Parables was an epic poem written on the plane Shadowmoor. The plot details a Kithkin resident of Shadowmoor's visit to a Kithkin seer. The Kithkin asks the seer how the world will end, to which the seer replied "You are not ready for my answer. Perhaps there are other things, you wish to know?".

The Kithkin proceeds to ask the seer several questions about her existence and of life on Shadowmoor. The seer answers each question. The Kithkin's questions and the seer's answer divide the poem into several sections, in each, a legend of one demigod.

The sections of The Seer's Parable's and their respective Demigod are as follows:

In the section Omens, the Kithkin seer sheds her skin to reveal that she is not a Kithkin at all, and emerges as one of the Demigods, the Divinity of Pride and finally answers the Kithkin's original question, driving the Kithkin insane.

Cards[edit | edit source]

The Demigods are represented as cards in the Shadowmoor block. Each is a rare creature with the creature type Spirit Avatar. Each Demigod in Shadowmoor has a mana cost of {A/B}{A/B}{A/B}{A/B}{A/B} where A and B are allied colors. Each Demigod in Eventide has a cost of {C/D}{C/D}{C/D}{C/D}{C/D}, where C and D are enemy colors.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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