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Deckmasters 2001
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Set symbol
Design team
Richard Garfield and Jon Finkel
Development team
Art Director
Release date
December, 2001
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Battle Royale Beatdown Deckmasters 2001
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Odyssey Deckmasters 2001 Torment

Deckmasters 2001 is a box set that was released in December 2001. Richard Garfield and Jon Finkel were tasked with designing decks to pit against each other.

Description[edit | edit source]

The card pool was Ice Age and Alliances, and the reprint policy had to be taken in account. Each could only use four rare cards in the deck, and no more than two copies of any one card. Color hosers were not permitted. The resulting decks are showcased in this set.

Obviously meant to be a series, reffering to the Deckmaster brand, a follow up set has never been published.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Deckmasters 2001 contents

The contents of the box set are:

  • The two 62-card prebuilt decks, each featuring 60 white bordered Ice Age and Alliances cards and two exclusive black bordered premium cards
  • Two 20-sided Spindown life counters
  • A 10-by-14 inch poster of Lhurgoyf fighting Goblin Mutant
  • A full-color booklet containing decklists, expert analysis, biographies, behind-the-scenes stories
  • Embossed metal Deckmasters case which can hold over 700 cards in standard sized sleeves or eleven 60 card decks.
Premium cards from Deckmasters 2001

The four premium cards in the box set are:

Decklists[edit | edit source]

Garfield[edit | edit source]

Garfield is a red / green deck. Drop creatures as fast as you can, and use the red spells to clear the way for them to attack. Most of the creatures in the deck have such a high toughness that red burn spells won't kill them.

12 Mountain
12 Forest
1 Karplusan Forest

2 Balduvian Bears
1 Elvish Bard
2 Fyndhorn Elves
1 Folk of the Pines
2 Giant Trap Door Spider
1 Lhurgoyf
2 Storm Shaman
2 Woolly Spider
2 Yavimaya Ants
2 Yavimaya Ancients

2 Barbed Sextant
1 Elkin Bottle
2 Phyrexian War Beast
2 Walking Wall
2 Death Spark
2 Incinerate
1 Shatter
1 Bounty of the Hunt
2 Giant Growth

1 Hurricane
1 Jokulhaups
2 Lava Burst
1 Pillage

The rares in this deck are Elkin BottleJokulhaupsKarplusan Forest and Lhurgoyf.

Finkel[edit | edit source]

Finkel is a black / red deck. The deck starts by summoning efficient, versatile and hard-to-neutralize creatures. Clear a path with spot removal, and finish by hurling great balls of fire at the opponent. Use the Necropotence whenever you can.

12 Swamp
12 Mountain
1 Sulfurous Springs
1 Underground River

2 Abyssal Specter
2 Foul Familiar
2 Lim-Dûl's High Guard
2 Phantasmal Fiend
1 Balduvian Horde
2 Goblin Mutant
2 Orcish Cannoneers
2 Storm Shaman
2 Icy Manipulator
2 Phyrexian War Beast

2 Contagion
2 Dark Ritual
2 Dark Banishing
2 Guerrilla Tactics
2 Incinerate

2 Soul Burn
2 Lava Burst
2 Pyroclasm

1 Necropotence

The rares in this deck are Balduvian HordeNecropotenceSulfurous Springs and Underground River.

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