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Deck Deconstruction Companion

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Deck Deconstruction Companion
Publishing Information
Author(s) Beth Moursund
First printing 1999
ISBN-13 978-0-78691-332-9
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The Deck Deconstruction Companion reprints deck construction articles from The Duelist with updates to cards available at the time. It was written by Beth Moursund, a contributor to The Duelist at the time of publication which was February 1999.

Contents include:

  1. Permission Decks
    from The Duelist #10, May 1996
  2. Millstone and other Library Depletion Decks
    from The Duelist #11, July 1996
  3. Weenie and Necro Decks
    from The Duelist #12, September 1996
  4. Stasis
    from The Duelist #14, December 1996
  5. Sligh and Other Red Decks
    from The Duelist #17, June 1997
  6. Prosperous Bloom
    from The Duelist #19, October 1997
  7. Reanimator Decks
    from The Duelist #20, December 1997
  8. Multicolor Decks
    from The Duelist #21, January 1998
  9. Señor Stompy and other Monogreen
    from The Duelist #12, February 1998
  10. Mesacraft/Goblincraft and other "Trick Decks"
    from The Duelist #24, April 1998
  11. Tradewind Decks
    from The Duelist #25, May 1998
  12. Sliving Death and other Sliver Decks
    from The Duelist #27, July 1998
  13. Suicide Black
    from The Duelist #29, September 1998
  14. Oath of Druids
    from The Duelist #31, November 1998
  15. Nightmare Survival
    from The Duelist #32, December 1998
  16. Index